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ork my way on an Arab dhow to Mombasa, February, 1898—Cool official reception Learning that the Matabele War had broken out, I made every effort to get up to the front; but a

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s I had had no previous experience, the military authorities would not take me on. However, I was determined to get to Bulawayo somehow, and with this idea made a start by taking the train for Pietermaritzburg, having just enough funds left to pay the fare. On arriving I was lucky enough to get a job to look after the engine and boiler at a steam bakery, and with the money I thus earned I was able to move on, a fortnight later, to Charlestown. I had now just enough money to pay for a night’s lodging, and the next morning I crossed the boundary between Natal and the Transvaal, 18 and moved on to Volksrust, getting a glimpse of the famous Majuba Hill on my journey. Of course, I was open to take any job that offered, and it so happened that I was lucky enough to get one that very morning, as fireman on the railway. On applying at the s


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